I’m on the new Executive editorial group of the journal Teaching in Higher Education since last year. Previously, Sue Clegg did an amazing job of leading this journal, and now she’s stepped down it’s taking 6 of us to fill her shoes.

Penny Jane Burke at Roehampton is the Managing Editor, with me, Lesley Gourlay (UCL), Neil Harrison (UWE), Peter Kahn (Liverpool) and Suellen Shay (Cape Town) making up the rest of the team. This journal has a reputation for publishing interesting, critical work in the field of Higher Education and I’d recommend it strongly!

My particular responsibility over and above the usual editorial duties is the ‘Points of Departure’ section, which aims to publish submissions which are not in the usual academic paper form – as the journal site describes it::

We encourage submissions to the journal which take new approaches to writing and representing knowledge about teaching in higher education. ‘Points of Departure’ makes a space for critical, reflective articles, images, poems, plans, responses, controversies and polemics. These should comment on issues of importance and relevance to the field that are not best represented as a conventional journal article.

Drop me a line about this if you want to know more. We also have a new twitter account, so do a follow of @TeachinginHE to keep up with the news on the journal.