image representing the UNA Europa FutureUni Lab

Michael Gallagher and I have been working with the UNA Europa partnership of European universities to co-write a position paper for the future university. This is part of our work with the UNA Future UniLab.

Europe’s universities have shaped and influenced the world over centuries, and we have the vision and sense of purpose to define and build a strong future in which our work can continue. We are values-driven, shaped by a commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, knowledge, democracy, peace, equality and justice. The pillars of the European university of the future will be built on these values, on a commitment to sustainability and on a creative bringing-together of our richly-symbolic campuses with the new, dynamic spaces opened up by digital technology.

The position paper is available here (pdf): it describes the future university as built on ta clear statement of values, a commitment to sustainability and a re-thinking of the way we understand university space.