Image of Sian Bayne
Professor of Digital Education,
University of Edinburgh

I direct the Centre for Research in Digital Education.

At the Moray House School of Education and the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Both at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK.

My research is critical, creative and exploratory, focused on universities, technology, futures and utopias.

The best way to contact me is via email: see my contact page.

Fusion teaching here and there: podcast

Fusion teaching here and there: podcast

A recent podcast episode with Martin Hawksey, Emma McAllister and James Lamb, in which we discuss the Edinburgh Futures Institute ‘fusion’ teaching model, is now out.

Justice-driven innovation: scenario for the future of higher education

Speculative futures for higher education #5: Justice-driven innovation

Unrest arising from acute societal division and unequal access to wealth prompts radical political change, and pressure to develop new economic, social and governance models.

Universities’ ‘third mission’ – to create and share knowledge to address societal challenges – becomes their first mission. In the large research-intensive universities, disciplinary structures give way to radical transdisciplinarity focused on specific social challenge areas: poverty, climate, equality, governance and justice.

Universities collaborate to build their own open learning platforms as there is a mass move away from for-profit, data-extractive big tech infrastructure. This globally-accessible, digital open learning is woven through local, context-specific autonomous ecoversities and there are many strong, activist partnerships between higher education and community-based movements.

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