Our first tranche of new Masters programmes with the Edinburgh Futures Institute have opened for recruitment! This is an exciting moment, and something we have been preparing for for over three years. From September 2022 we will be welcoming students to Edinburgh to study on six new interdisciplinary programmes. These are all taught using our brand new ‘fusion’ approach, which allows students to mix up their modes of study, choosing to be on-campus, online or moving between the two. We have also designed for many ways of being a student, allowing people to study full-time, part-time and life-long.

Students can bring projects to EFI that they are passionate about, be taught by academics who are leading researchers in their fields, and work with many different disciplinary perspectives to address some of society’s biggest challenges. The video above provides a taster. Our first six programmes are listed below – in 2023 more will be coming, with an emphasis on climate, planet, sustainability and ethics – more on that in a few months!

Data, Inequality and Society

Education Futures

Future Governance

Narrative Futures

Service Management and Design

Creative Industries