Wednesday 17th April 2019. Opening keynote. Queens University Belfast annual Learning and Teaching Conference, UK.

Tuesday 7th May 2019. Closing keynote. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Learning Festival, Trondheim, Norway.

Monday 17th June 2019. Keynote. University of Strathclyde annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Scotland, UK.

Saturday 24th August 2019. Keynote. Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual conference symposium. Vienna, Austria.

Thursday 10th October 2019. Keynote. Keynote. U21 Education Innovation Leadership Symposium. Johannesburg, South Africa.


Thursday 8th November 2018. B3 – Bildung Beyond Boundaries. Radical Ideas in Higher Education Symposium and Challenge. Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany.

Monday 12th November 2018. Edinburgh University Global Change Forum: What is the future of the University? Teaching, learning and research in a time of crisis. Tata Innovation Centre, Roosevelt Island, NYC.

November 2017. Keynote. Clinical Psychology Annual Conference. Glasgow, UK.

Wednesday 30th January 2018. Seminar. Near Future Teaching. University of Bristol, UK.
July 2018. Keynote. Times Higher Education World Summit: teaching in higher education – the evolution of excellence. University of Glasgow.

April 2018. Keynote. Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand annual conference. Massey University.

November 2017. Invited talk. Open education as Knowledge infrastructure for the 21st century. Open University of the Netherlands.

September 2017. Keynote. The dark side of TEL conference. Newcastle University.

September 2017. Keynote: The death of a network: data and anonymity on campus. Association for Learning Technology annual conference, University of Liverpool.

June 2017. Keynote: The death of a network: Yik Yak and the value of anonymous social media in universities. CALRG Conference, Open University, Milton Keynes.

May 2017. Invited talk at Kings College London conference (Unlocking the Future of HE): Future Teaching and Online Pedagogy. Kings College, London.

November 2016. Keynote: The Next Generation: Digital Learning Research Symposium 2016, Dublin.

October 2016. Keynote: Teacherbot – interventions in automated teaching Leiden|Delft|Erasmus Centre for Learning and Teaching annual meeting 2016, Rotterdam.

September 2016. Keynote: The risks and pleasures of teacher automation British Educational Research Association annual conference, Leeds.

May 2016. Keynote: Campus codespaces for networked learners Tenth International Conference on Networked Learning, Lancaster.

March 2016. Keynote: A teaching philosophy for digital education: the Manifesto for Teaching Online Association for Learning Development in Higher Education annual conference, Edinburgh.

October 2015. Keynote: Teaching born digital: the risks and pleasures of digital education Aarhus University, Denmark.

October 2015. Invited talk: Teacherbot Code Acts in Education: 5th ESRC seminar. Bristol, UK.

September 2015. Invited talk: Learning design in MOOCs International MOOC Conference: Where are MOOCs going? The future of distance learning. Capri, Italy.

August 2015. Keynote: What do we want from digital education? EuroCALL Conference 2015: Critical CALL, Padova, Italy.

June 2015. Keynote: Teacher automation – controversies and interventions Galway Symposium on Higher Education.

May 2015. Keynote: Teacherbot – automated teaching on a MOOC European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit, Belgium.

April 2015. Seminar: Assessment born digital University College London.

March 2015. Inaugural lecture: The trouble with digital education University of Edinburgh.

January 2015. Invited public talk: The space of distance education The Future of Technology in Education: What needs to change in 2015? Open University, Milton Keynes.

October 2014. Keynote: The ‘more-than-human’ in digital education European Distance Education Network Research Workshop Oxford.

September 2014. Keynote: Digital Education and University space #GMW14 – Lernräume gestalten – Bildungskontexte vielfältig denken Pädagogische Hochschule, Zürich.

May 2014. Invited presentation: The pedagogy of Humanities MOOCs The digital university: MOOCs and the Humanities. Edge Hill University.

April 2014. Keynote: The sentimental campus: online distance education and being ‘at’ University Oxford. (Oxford Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference.)

February 2014. Invited presentation: Gallery Education and the Digital Future. London. (An Artist Rooms and engage seminar, Tate Britain.)

December 2013. Keynote: Media and Learning conference. Brussels.

November 2013. Invited plenary: U21 Educational Innovation Conference. Dublin.

October 2013. Invited presentation: European Commission High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education. Brussels.

October 2013 . Plenary. Teaching and learning in the digital. Tenth annual conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Raleigh, North Carolina, US.

October 2013. Invited talk: U21 conference Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age – Opportunities and Challenges for U21. University College Dublin.

July 2013. Invited talk: First European MOOCs and Libraries Conference. London.

May 2013. Invited talk: UUK conference: open and online learning. London.

May 2013. Keynote: Open education and the sentimental campus. EdTech2013: Opening Up Education. University College Cork, Ireland.

February 2013. Invited talk. MOOCs and the sentimental campus. Disrupting Higher Education symposium. Trinity College Dublin.

November 2012. Invited seminar. ‘Campus envy’ and being ‘at’ University: the geographies of education on the internet. Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

September 2012. Invited lecture. New approaches to learning digitally. New Directions for Work in Digital Scotland: Scottish Insight Seminar. Glasgow.

March 2012. Invited talk. Mapping posthumanism in the digital university. Society for Research in Higher Education Digital University network. London.